Playful Nature

Playful Nature is three dad-friends who like to play and have fun.
Our mission is to create simple playful tools and toys that make people happy.  

The Willa Walker came first.  It's a simple playful tool made from responsibly sourced hardwood and cotton.  It makes the special milestone of learning to walk even more joyful. It went viral this summer after Insider ran this video.

Now we’re launching our second product; BenjiBLOCKS.  

Like Willa Walker, they’re made of Good Wood sourced from our partners at Masaya & Company. Masaya uses pieces of sustainably sourced tropical hardwoods left over from their production process to make our products.  

Each BenjiBLOCK is unique and its own little work of art.  They encourage creativity, fine motor skills, and spatial recognition.  And man are they fun!  We’ve been playing with the test sets just as much as our children.  We find that they’re great for adult meditative play.  

And combined with the Willa Walker, they make the perfect baby shower or 1st birthday present.